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Websites For My WPEngine Hosted Clients

Welcome to the development sandbox for PCS Creative Services. As a preferred agency partner with WPEngine, I am perfectly positioned to build your business website and easily transfer it to you when your site has been reviewed, approved and is ready to go live.

WPEngine’s basic service is about 38% faster on sites I’ve migrated from other  hosting, and their basic ecommerce service is great for Woocommerce stores. They specialize in WordPress and it shows.

About WPEngine
Founded in 2010 | 50,000 Customers in 136 Countries | Supporting 500K+ WordPress Domains | Serving 2Billion Page Views/Day | Largest Customer Success Team in WordPress Available 24/7/365
Hassle-Free Automated Migration Tools

Migrating to a new host should be easy, with minimal technical knowledge required. In order to make your migration as painless as possible, WPEngine has partnered with BlogVault to create an automated WordPress migration plugin. This plugin provides a quick way to migrate WordPress sites to WP Engine, allowing you to work on your other projects while the plugin does all the heavy lifting. No need to worry about importing the database or searching/replacing domain values either, the plugin does it all for you.

WP Engine Technical Support is available 24 x 7, 365 to help! Get stuck or have questions? Let Support know and we’ll walk you through it.

Safeguard Your Work With Backups

WPEngine creates daily backup points and gives you on-demand backups. Each account also includes 3 environments: Production for your live site, staging to test changes to your site before they go live, and development for big site changes and feature testing.

More WPEngine Facts

WP Engine, the WordPress technology company, provides the most relied upon and trusted developer-centric WordPress products for companies and agencies of all sizes, including managed WordPress hostingenterprise WordPressheadless WordPressFlywheelLocalAdvanced Custom Fields, and Genesis. WP Engine’s tech innovation and award-winning WordPress experts help to power more than 1 million customers across 150 countries.

WPEngine Products & Services

Effortless site management – 1M+ websites receiving automated updates, daily backups, one-click staging, and premium themes

Protect your business – 26B+ cyber attacks blocked every year by our security solutions, with free SSL and platform-level protection.
Boost performance – +40% page speed increase seen on our platform with reliable uptime during important traffic spikes.

Expert service – 24/7 global support with a 97% satisfaction rate and no hassle, 60 day money-back guarantee.*

Key Products and Capabilities:

Managed WordPress Hosting

Ecommerce & WooCommerce

Headless WordPress

Client creates an account, I start their site right away

With the ability to start a fully transferrable site anytime, you can focus on getting your account set up while I focus on developing your website. Once the site is ready to go, I just transfer it to your own account.

Keep your domain hosting wherever you like

It is easy to point your domain to your WPEngine hosting account. Even if you have a site on another host or platform, your company’s URL is just a few changes away from using WPEngine’s fast, secure and optimized servers. Keep your email and nameservers where they are with minimal downtime and no lost emails.

Migrate an existing WordPress site or start a new site

It is easy to migrate an existing site to WPEngine’s hosting and make it live quickly. When starting a new site, a development sandbox allows changes, reviews and approvals to happen before you share them with the world. 

Why WordPress?

WordPress is an extremely popular development platform and
astonishingly now powers 25 percent of the Internet. That’s a
whopping 74 million-plus websites that have been created through
the platform to date. And for all of the websites using a content
management system (CMS), approximately 60 percent of those sites
are powered by WordPress.
Developing your site doesn’t have to be limited in scope. Flexibility and ease of customization are essential elements when it comes to site development. The platform is not only useful for non-techy people, but also has a lot of custom options and frameworks for highly customized, technical development.

Around 30,000 sites get hacked per day. Although not all of these attacks are carried out on WordPress, the platform is often targeted by hackers because of its popularity. Commonly reported on by the media, this often gives WordPress a bad rap and fuels the misconception that it’s not secure.
On the contrary, the WordPress core is actually quite secure, as long as you keep its core up to date. There are thousands of developers actively testing and patching any security vulnerabilities in the WordPress core software, and enhanced security features regularly roll out with each WordPress update.

The costs of running a WordPress site yourself are fairly inexpensive.
Because it’s open source software, it’s completely free to develop on WordPress. As a developer, you can spin up new WordPress sites without having to think about licensing and copyrights.

The WordPress interface is fairly straightforward and easy for bloggers, content creators, marketers, and enterprise users to instantly start publishing media. It’s also simple to add on features that’ll allow the content manager to focus on the purpose of his/her site, whether it be ecommerce, news reporting, hobbyist blogging, or an enterprise homepage.

There is a lot of documentation out there on how to use WordPress, the front-end user can easily get support from WordPress’s large community when needed.

Let’s Get Started

Your business deserves the best WordPress hosting out there. You deserve the peace of mind of fast, secure hosting and the best customer service. Contact me to get started and I can help you get between 1 and 4 months free for your new account.

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